Chinese Brush Painting Workshop

Learn to paint Chinese brush painting landscapes in Sydney.

Join this hands-on workshop to learn the brush strokes and techniques used in free style Chinese brush painting, combining ink with watercolours.

Exploring the styles, composition and motifs of traditional Tang Dynasty landscapes, you’ll create your own scroll artwork to take home. As well as gaining and developing brush painting skills, you’ll learn about composition, symbolism and calligraphic elements. You’ll also discover the relaxing and reflective nature of this traditional art form.

Ideal for…

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as students with more experience who want to extend, practise and gain new skills. New students will learn the basics to set a solid foundation. Experienced students will develop their techniques by combining traditional and more contemporary elements.

Course content:

  • Chinese calligraphic strokes and painting techniques
  • Using line and tone
  • Different Chinese paintbrushes and when to use them
  • The meaning behind the “four treasures” of Chinese brush painting
  • Structure and composition of a Chinese landscape
  • Applying red Chinese seal stamps

Click here for more information on the four hour class, being held at  Sydney Community College, Rozelle Campus on Saturday 2nd February 2019.

ARTEST: Exploring Nature in Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting

This Chinese Brush Painting workshop is for anyone new to the art of Chinese Brush painting or for those who would like to continue their journey.

Explore the traditional subjects of bamboo in Traditional Chinese landscapes and begin to understand the basic structure of Chinese brush painting. Using flowers and bamboo as inspiration, you will be taught how to apply basic strokes to express elements in nature. At the end of the workshop you will feel relaxed, have completed a scroll artwork and understand about the Chinese classical 4 Treasures. 

Bronwen is a student of the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School in Singapore and has established herself as a leading figure in the Australian Chinese Brush Painting community.

Students are welcome to attend just one, or enrol in both of these Summer Art School Chinese Brush Painting workshops. Before the Friday 11 January class, there is another opportunity on Thursday 10 January, where you can explore the subject of birds and flowers in traditional Chinese brush painting.

What to expect

Students will explore the essentials of Chinese Brush Painting and learn:

  • basic Chinese calligraphic strokes
  • various line painting techniques
  • mixing tones
  • the meaning behind the four treasures of Chinese brush painting
  • evaluate the structure in your artwork
  • apply a red Chinese seal stamp to your works

Click below for more information on the Art Est class to be held at Unit 4/67-69 Lords Road

Leichhardt on Friday January 11.