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The six essentials of Moku painting:

qi (spirit)  
yin (harmony)  
si  (thought or plan)  
Jing (scenery and effect)  

bi (brushwork)

mo (ink)

Featured Artists

Bronwen Wade Leeuwen

Bronwen Wade Leeuwen, art, Moku, painting, China, Calligraphy, Australia, art community, Sydney

Bronwen is a student of the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School in Singapore and has established herself as a leading figure in the Australian Chinese Calligraphy community. 

Trish Wade Quinn

Trish Wade Quinn, Patricia, Moku, painting, China, Calligraphy, Australia, art community, Sydney

Trish was integral in bringing a Chinese artistic influence to Australia in the 1980's and her work remains an important example of the meeting of Eastern Calligraphy and progressive Western art.

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